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Our Students

Luke Contreras

When Luke Contreras '13 looks back upon his CSU Experience the number one word that describes it is "Pride." From his time spent as drum major of the CSU Marching Band to being an orientation leader, Luke has developed a true sense of what it means to be a part of something bigger then one's self. "Being able...
to represent CSU has been the opportunity of a lifetime," said Contreras. Whether preparing the marching band for an upcoming halftime performance or teaching incoming students university traditions, Luke constantly strives to give something back to the school he serves. "CSU has inspired me to not only give my all to the green and gold, but to give my all in every facet of life," said Contreras. "I am grateful for the opportunity, and proud to be a CSU Ram."


Our Faculty

Dan Beachy-Quick

A moment comes in every class, and it is a moment I love. I felt it first as a student, and so became a teacher to feel it over and again, to let others feel it, too. I think of each class as one long discussion, dozens of hours long. The fragile thread of one day's thought must be found again on the...
next. Anything said once in a class remains in the air, almost cloud-like—those confusions and clarities, those ideas and questions, waiting to find a way to be of use again. The moment I love can't be planned, but it happens. It happens when someone reads out loud a poem and we all listen; even the one who reads it listens. And the response is silence. But this isn't that silence of not knowing the answer, nor is it the silence of having nothing to say. This silence is one that comes to a class only when it\s understood the poem fully, and all of us know we cannot say anything of it better than what it has said of itself. It is that silence that marks the moment of truest learning, a silence of recognition, and it changes the lives of those who find themselves silent within it. That change has a simple name, though it is one of the hardest things to accomplish in a life: learning to read.”


Our Alumni

Tim Schlattmann

Tim Schlattmann,'88, (M.A., speech communication) spent time as a college professor and a disc jockey before he found his passion in screenwriting. He has spent the last 21 years in Los Angeles as a writer and is currently an executive producer for the Showtime series Dexter, which has earned...
him three Emmy award nominations as well as multiple Writers Guild of America nominations. The show also received the prestigious Peabody Award and numerous Golden Globe nominations. Among Tim's other writing credentials are Roseanne, Get Real, Smallville, and the web series, Dexter Early Cuts: Dark Echo. He also is writer/executive producer of a new USA Network series, Bang Bang, that is currently in development.


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